About Me

Where do I start?  I was born in Kingwood Texas and I am a Junior at Hargrave High in Huffman Texas.  I love sports!  I play basketball and golf.  I don't really have a whole lot of cool stuff to say about myself yet, since really my life is just getting started!  I guess you could say I was born to sing and play music.  My whole family sings and plays guitar.  Starting with my Grandfather who sings and played lead guitar in a band and still to this day sounds just like George Jones.  My Mom sings, plays guitar and has written several songs.  My sister is a lead vocalist in a Christian Rock Band.  I think most of you have heard of my Uncle Roger  who is getting more famous every day.  So it would seem that I am destined to carry on the family tradition, which is just fine with me!  I started playing guitar when I was 13.  At first I played electric and then I picked up my Moms Taylor guitar one day and the rest is history.  When my Mom saw I was going to stick with it, she bought me my own Taylor on my 15th Birthday.  I started writing my own songs and learned about 50 cover tunes.  My plan is to start playing around the Humble and Houston area while I go to school.  I am getting ready to record my first CD with a full band.  There will be four songs on it.   It will be my first experience in a real studio!   I will be working on more songs and hopefully it won't be long before I have enough to make my first full album!